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About PitBullsTube

Why PitBullsTube?

Because it’s time for people to stand up and show how beautiful and loving these dogs can be if they are raised right! And there is no other better way to do that, then publishing and promoting amazing videos from our users: pit bull lovers from all over the world! Let’s show the real loving nature of pit bull dogs!


About PitBullsTube community

Our community is all about dog lovers, and especially pit bulls; people that are trying to show how wonderful these dogs can be and how they bring joy to our lives! You can help changing the wrong perception about pit bulls: dangerous, mean dogs. Join our community; share the videos with your lovely pits!!


Pit Bulls are not bad, just misunderstood

Pit bulls are considered bad dogs and most people refuse to see their true nature; and mass media helped a lot creating this aggressive, dangerous image! Unfortunately, this stereotype started when dog fights were popular. Now, it’s time for a change! Let’s show the sweet loving side of pit bulls!!

There are NO bad Pit Bulls, only bad owners

There is no such thing as bad pit bulls; dogs are not mean by nature. It’s the owner who takes responsibility for its behavior, for how it’s raised and educated. Bringing a pit bull into your family takes indeed a lot of commitment, but the love you will get in return, will definitely worth the effort!

“In the 70’s, they blamed Dobermans. In the 80’s, they blamed German Shepherds. In the 90’s, they blamed the Rottweiler. Now, they blame the PIT BULL. WHEN WILL THEY BLAME THE HUMANS?” – Cesar Milan


Punish the deed, not the breed

Breed Specific Legislation (BSL) is the practice of using laws to regulate and restrict dog ownership only on the physical appearance, pointing out the born bad breeds. But it’s clearly not the way! These laws are totally inefficient and it just penalizes innocent dogs. They should focus especially on dog owners and their responsibility for their dogs’ behavior. Any dog can become aggressive if it’s raised to be, with or without intention.


Pit Bulls are nanny dogs

Many people still don’t know, but back in the early 1900’s the Pit Bull was actually the most popular family pet in America. They were also nicknamed “nanny dogs” because of their affection for kids in the family! They love being around babies, blow them kisses, cuddle and snuggle together! That’s why we decided to have a special category on our website, so everybody can see how amazing they are with kids!


Show us your pits

If are a responsible pit bull owner, start filming your dog and send the video(s) to

Let everybody see their beauty! Make your pit a hit!

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