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Heroes1 year ago 874 views

Hero pit bulls save children from extremely poisonous copperhead snake

Friends1 year ago 654 views

Rescue Pit Bull dog gets his own kitty after 6 years of long waiting

Others1 year ago 530 views

Deaf pit bull dog BROOSTER loves spending time with his baby brother, Tiger the cat :)

Others1 year ago 389 views

Darlin the pit bull girl loves to sleep on her owner’s lap. It’s her favorite spot :)

Others1 year ago 334 views

Buddy the pit bull dog loves playing fetch and playing with his blanket :)

Funny1 year ago 13310 views

15 weeks pit bull puppy Boysie starts biting the bath bubbles. He’s absolutely gorgeous! :)

Others1 year ago 224 views

13 weeks old pit puppy Brewster loves anything that makes noise. He is in love with the hair dryer :)

Others1 year ago 269 views

Rose the pit bull dog is not ready to get off the bed yet. And voices her opinion! :))

Others1 year ago 425 views

Red nose pitbull dog Diesel barks after his favorite red ball. And gets it! :)

Others1 year ago 189 views

Pit bull pup Chaos tries to stand on his head and flips! Hilarious! :)))

Others1 year ago 359 views

Pit bull dogs Maverick and Rose are playing in the backyard! They have so much fun together!

Funny1 year ago 448 views

Crazy Pit bull dog Stormy starts jumping on the couch and acting goofy! He doesn’t like toys, unless it’s to destroy them! LOL! :)

Others1 year ago 699 views

Pitbull rescue Missy loves to play with her friend Stormie, a lab / pitbull mix. So sweet! :)

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